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A Skillshare Premium free account will give you access to thousands of high-quality courses from experts in a variety of fields. If you are looking to improve your knowledge, this is a great platform. However, the cost you have to pay for this type of account is about $24/month – a quite high number for students. That’s why in this article, I will show everyone how to sign up for a completely 1-year Skillshare Premium free account.

1. What precisely is SkillShare?

Skillshare is a quality online learning platform besides platforms like Coursera, Linkedin, Udemy… Currently, Skillshare has more than 34,000 classes in many fields such as animators, content, filmmakers. , artist, graphic design, music, photography, UI and UX design, information technology, and many more fields.

With a Skillshare Premium account, you can join any course or class, just like a Linkedin Learning account. You can find out more at SkillShare’s website here.

2. Features of Skillshare Premium account

  • Unlimited access to all online classes, with over 26,000 classes.
  • Offline access to download, save lessons to your smartphone, can study without an internet connection (offline).
  • Join a private group for paid members led by teachers, instructors and dedicated support.
  • Participate in discussions and share with the community.
  • Get feedback, reviews from teachers and class members about their real projects.
  • Premium members enjoy many special annual privileges such as management services, preferential tuition policies, preferential policies Choose unique lessons…

3. Compare Skillshare accounts with Udemy and Linkedin Learning

Skillshare, Udemy, Linkedin are all famous and quality online learning platforms. Surely you, like me before, will think about what platform you should learn. Through my own research and experience, I have some preliminary comments for your reference and selection.

About Udemy: This is arguably the largest platform in the world with thousands of courses, across multiple topics. However, unlike Skillshare and Linkedin Learning where you pay a monthly fee and access all the content, with Udemy you have to pay for each course. Therefore, in terms of cost, SkillShare is more optimal. Although Udemy already has this program, it is still in beta and has not been launched globally.

About Linkedin Learning: Quite similar to Skillshare, but Skillshare Premium has more art and graphics courses, while Linkedin Learning is stronger in technology and programming.

4. Instructions to create a 1-year Skillshare Premium free account

Unlike many online tutorials, which show you how to use BIN to try your account for 1 month, which takes a lot of work, in my article, I will show you how to register for a 1-year Skillshare Premium free account is completely valid.

Step 1: Prepare the tool

You need to have yourself a VPN to be able to fake your device’s IP address. You can use NordVPN software and download it here. The login account I will share here.

Step 2: Turn on the VPN and choose the location as Los Angeles (USA).

Step 3: You access the address (here) to create a 1-year Skillshare Premium free account. After accessing you will see the interface as shown below (Note: please use incognito window).

You fill in the information and create an account. (Note do not log into the old account)

You will then be redirected to the payment page as shown below. Click Activate to activate a 1-year Skillshare Premium free account.

Step 4: Enjoy the results.

5. Conclusion

In this article, I have shared with you how to create a completely 1-year Skillshare Premium free account with just a few simple steps. If you find my article good, remember to share it with friends and relatives as well as follow my blog regularly to update the latest articles.

Good luck!